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We Offer Quality Shipping Containers @ Competitive Prices Trust us for best-in-class new/used steel shipping containers for all your storage and transportation needs – Are you looking for a shipping container – used or one tripper? Well, you’ve reached the right spot. We offer both new and used shipping containers for sale worldwide in a variety of shapes and sizes that cater to every storage and transportation needs. Our containers range from 6ft to 45ft in length and come in a variety of types like flat rack, high cube, open top, side open and standard along with chassis in varied lengths. We also supply DNV and chemical storage containers at competitive rates.

Shipping Containers

Find Shipping Containers for Sale by Size and Type

Find Shipping Containers for Sale by Size and Type

We produce 10′, 20′, 40′ and 45′ shipping containersso you can choose the right size each and every time you buy from us.
10ft shipping container
20ft shipping container
40ft shipping container
Standerd shipping container
Standard Containers

We Deliver…….FAST. Experience blazing-fast error-free 4 to 7-day delivery

We Deliver…….FAST. Experience blazing-fast error-free 4 to 7-day delivery

In addition to our premium containers, we offer the best delivery equipment for a seamless off-loading experience.

Our fully insured tilt-bed trucks and trailers undergo regular safety checks and our certified drivers are able to deliver even at tight spaces.

Our Containers Carry Our Guarantee of Quality

Our Containers Carry Our Guarantee of Quality

We have only those used shipping containers for sale which pass through our rigorous evaluation process.

Our containers are here to stay. That’s why we test them for endurance before we hand them over to you.

Shipping Container Chassis

Shipping Container Chassis

he 20 foot chassis are built to transport 20 foot long shipping containers. These come in different designs to accommodate containers of varied shapes.
The 40 foot chassis transport 40 foot shipping containers in different shapes. They are built to carry extra-heavy cargo loaded in extra-large containers.

What our clients say

People that are using our products are happy to share their experience.

Marquis Williams

(Cape Town)

I’m an old customer and have been dealing with this company for a few years now. Never ever faced any issue with them. They know their job well.

Demetrius Lucas


It was a nice experience interacting with the helpful staff at Sirles Tradings. The container was in really good condition and perfectly suited my need of a storage shed. Will come back in the future if I need more.

Patricia Wang


We ordered a 40’ standard container in April but received a 40’ high cube after 10 days. We immediately communicated this to the company and they told we could use the bigger unit at no extra cost. We were delighted!